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Learning Support Programme (Putra Sarjana)

Putra Sarjana is a series of learning support programme. The Putra Sarjana programme has the following elements: student-centred learning; self-directed; experiential; problem solving; outcome-based and self-discovery.

At the end of the program, the students are expected to have acquired learning in cognitive, affective, psychomotor and social domains. Students will acquire a high standard of skills in communication, leadership, working as a team member, creative and critical thinking, problem solving, emotional intelligence as well as moral and professional ethics.


Activities will be conducted according to the following five clusters:

Cluster 1: Academic Development

Academic writing, publication, proposal writing, effective presentation, abstract preparation for seminar/conference, software application, poster preparation, exhibit preparation

Cluster 2: Ethics and Moral

Honesty in knowledge, plagiarism

Cluster 3: Professional development

Leadership skills, teamwork, communication skills, public speaking, spiritual enhancement, cultural awareness

Cluster 4: Community Service

Charity, philanthropy, community work

Cluster 5: Editorial Service

English editorial service for thesis writing will be available to students who need assistance in English language. To obtain this service, students will have to pay a fee.


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