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UPM organizes programme to expose students to Myanmarese’ culture

By: Mohamad Hazrul Faiz Ahmad Sobridan and Muhamad Amirudin Zainudin Amirudin

SERDANG, Nov 13 – The Myanmar Language Class of the Centre of Advancement of Language Competence (CALC) Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), held a Puppet Dance And Literature programme to expose students to the culture of the people of Myanmar.
Director of the programme, Sarah Hashim @ Daw Thida Than said the programme was aimed at attracting the attention of UPM students to learn about the culture of the Myanmarese and other customs or cultures that could be found there.

"I will continue with this program in the future to foster students' interest in learning the language of the people of Myanmar, in addition to be able to understand about the culture of the society there," he said.

Also present were the Director of the Office of Corporate Strategy and Communications (CoSComm), Prof. Dr. Nor Kamariah Noordin; Celebrity chef, Dato 'Ismail Redzuawan and CALC  Deputy Director, Dr Wan Roselezsm Jaffar.

Among the performances held throughout the program were a show put up by students of Japanese Language and a musical performance by local students, while the finale highlighted a catwalk of Myanmar traditional costumes and the Puppet Dance.

The Puppet Dance which took place that night is called Yoke Thay (miniature) Puppet, a popular show of art, controlled using a rope and often played in the opera of the people of Myanmar. – UPM.

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