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UPM's 3 Stars, 4 Stars and 5 Stars (Role Model) Supervisor

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Supervisory Star Rating and Role Model Supervisors

For any student undergoing their research journey, be it at Master’s or at PhD level, the most important person in their lives during this journey is none other than the Chairperson of the Supervisory Committee.  Without a doubt, the supervisor’s contribution is instrumental to the successful completion of the student’s studies, and the sacrifices made by the supervisor are crucial and invaluable.

Such significant contribution by the supervisor does not only have impact on the students’ success, but is also fundamental in enhancing UPM's international reputation as a respectable institution of knowledge. UPM acknowledges the value and contribution of these supervisors, and to show our appreciation of their contribution, the School of Graduate Studies has decided to recognise these supervisors by creating a supervisory rating system, one that categorises supervisors into a rating of ‘3 stars’, ‘4 stars’ and ‘5 stars’.

The terms and conditions of this rating of supervisors are as follows:

a. Years of service as a supervisor throughout academic career at UPM

b. Number of Master’s and PhD students supervised as Chairperson of Supervisory  Committee during these years of service

c. Number of students who graduated under the supervisor’ supervision

d. Number of students who graduated on time (GOT) under the supervisor’s supervision

e. Research output (publications, patents)

Supervisors who are in the ‘5 star’ category will then be screened further at a second level to be considered for the category of Role Model Supervisor. This level of screening involves an evaluation by students and by the head of department / head of laboratory.  A score of at least 90% must be obtained, together with a general recommendation and supporting letter from the faculty, in order for the supervisor to be categorised as a Role Model Supervisor.

The following are the current lists of UPM's 3 Star, 4 Star, and 5 Star (Role Model Supervisors):

List A - 5 Star and Role Model Supervisors

List B - 4 Star Supervisors

List C - 3 Star Supervisors

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