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English for Professional Development Class by Centre For The Advancement Of Language Competence (CALC)

Customer service is the heart of a business or an organisation that aims to provide an excellent service that leaves the customer feeling valued and respected. Although providing exceptional service can involve extra resources, time and perhaps money, when you get it right, it will enable you to maintain a positive reputation among future customers and encourage existing customers to deal with you again.

To provide an excellent service, it is important to have effective communication which allows others and yourself to understand information more accurately and quickly. In contrast, poor communication skills can lead to frequent misunderstanding and not solving the problem or achieving the goal.

At School of Graduates Studies UPM, we are dealing with postgraduate students which come from different countries and backgrounds. We are using the English language to communicate with the student. In order to improve and enhance communication skills in the English language, 40 staff has participated in an English workshop named English for Professional Development conducted by CALC UPM this February.

There are four sessions in one month, each session will be on every Wednesday at 4.00 pm for a one-hour duration. A different topic will be discussed in each session. 40 staff is divided into 2 groups with the different coordinator.

This workshop gives opportunities for all participants to fix the wrong way of communication and learn how to handle and communicate in a different situation when dealing with the students. The last session for both groups was on 24 February 2021.



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