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Final Bound Copy of Thesis for PhD and Master

Effective from April 2015, the format of the final bound copy of the thesis for PhD and Master has been changed to B5 format. This is in line with decision made by the University Senate. All final bound copies of thesis are required to use single spacing and to be printed on both sides.

 Please refer to the following for specific details:

  1. The text of thesis should be written in single spacing except between paragraphs and sections, which should be double-spaced.
  2. The font size of the text is 10-point (B5 format)/12-point (A4 format). Footnotes and text in tables should not be less than 8-point.
  3. The back cover of thesis will carry the thesis summary. The thesis abstract should be summarized to about 300 words for this purpose.
  4. The thesis is to be bound into a book form with B5 size.
  5. 80gm paper should be used for the printing of the thesis to enhance the quality of printing on both sides of the paper.

    > Please refer to the Guide to Thesis Preparation for other details format of the thesis.

    i.   Thesis B5 Format (Template)
    ii.  Guideline for Submission of Final Thesis (Hardbound) After Endorsement by the Senate
    iii. Status Confirmation for Thesis / Project Report and Copyright (English)
         Status Confirmation for Thesis / Project Report and Copyright (Bahasa Melayu)
    iv. Form for Final Submission of Thesis (GS-16b)

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