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Financial Assistance to Attend International Presentation

UPM provides financial assistance for Graduate students who wish to attend international presentation. The financial assistance is to encourage quality research, mobility and networking among UPM postgraduate students at the international level. Detailed information are as follows:

  Applicant Requirements


  1. Applicant must be a registered PhD student with good academic standing (the status is “Continue”) during application.

  2. Applicant has never received financial assistance under this scheme and not receiving any other financial assistance for outbound mobility from UPM during application.

  3. Priority is given to applicant who has not exceeded 6 semesters of study.

  4. Applicant must have attended the Putra Sarjana presentation skills seminar organised by the School of Graduate Studies, UPM; or have registered and passed a 1-credit seminar course at the faculty/institute prior to the application.

  5. Applicant must be invited as an Oral Presenter.

  6. The presentation must be related to the applicant's PhD research work.

  7. International applicant is only allowed to apply if the programme is organized outside their home country.

  8. Only attendance to programme organized by registered association / university / research institute / academic organization / government agency will be considered for financial support. Supervisor and faculty/institute are responsible to check and ensure that the programme is not organized by commercial organizer.

How to Apply?


  1. Download and complete the PG/FAD/GS-48 form.

  2. The completed form must be submitted to the Institutional Relations Unit, School of Graduate Studies at least 30 days before the presentation date together with the:

    (a) Invitation letter from the organizer.
    (b) A copy of presentation slides (refer guidelines of
         the slide preparation. Slides must be endorsed
         by the Supervisor).
    (c) Abstract of the research.
    (d) Programme brochure/poster.

  3. Application received after the completion of the presentation would not be processed.

Guidelines of the Slides Preparation


  • The presentation slides must fulfil the followings:

    i. Have been reviewed and approved by the main
       supervisor or supervisory committee.
    ii. Must be using the UPM’s standard Power Point
        template which can be downloaded here
    iii. The slides must be well-organised and prepared in
    iv. The slides must include a statement of appreciation
        to the University for the support that has been

Rate for Financial


  • The maximum amount could be approved for financial assistance would be depending on the country of the host institution as follows:

    Maximum Rate (RM)
     Southeast Asia (except Singapore and Brunei)
    Asia (including Singapore and Brunei)
    Other countries

    NOTE : Claimable after the completion of attachment

How to Make a Reimbursement Claim?


  1. The claim must be made not later than 2 months after the completion of the presentation by completing the Reimbursement Claim Form.

  2. The form must be submitted to the Institutional Relations and Financial Aid Unit, School of Graduate Studies together with the:

    i. Original receipts / proof of payment
    ii. A report of attended programme (Refer guidelines
        of the report).

  3. The following items are permitted for reimbursement:

    i. Food
    ii. Accommodation
    iii. Air travel based on economy class tickets and
        provision of boarding pass (Malaysian Airlines or
        Air Asia is preferred).
    iv. Land travel based on provision of bus or railway
        tickets. Receipts must be provided for taxi fares.
    v. Others (visa, travel insurance, medical treatment
        for minor ailments).

Guidelines of the Report of Attended Programme


  • A report of the attended programme must be submitted to the School of Graduate Studies, UPM. The report must include the following:

    i. Briefly explain your goals for attending the
    ii. Illustrate how your presentation fits into the overall
    iii. Briefly explain how the programme enhances your
        experience as a postgraduate student.
    iv. Briefly describe any initiatives / efforts made for
        future collaboration at the programme.

Summary of Process
    1. Download and complete the application

  1. Submit the form together with the supporting documents to SGS (at least 30 days before the presentation date.

  1. Approval process by the Selection Committee

  1. Announcement of result to all applicants
 If  approved;


  1. SGS will issue an offer letter and students may attend the presentation. 
Programme complete
  1. Start the reimbursement claim process. The form must have attached the report of attended programme. This process must be done not later than two months after the completion of presentation.

  1. Submit all the documents to SGS.


For further inquiries, please contact Institutional Relations and Financial Aid Unit, School of Graduate Studies, UPM at +03-9769 4203 / 4216 or email

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