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Important Dates for New Postgraduate Students


6 February 2023
PutraENROLL is open and candidates can start filling out and completing PutraENROLL.
Click here for the PutraENROLL User Manual.

Officers will endorse the PutraENROLL during working days Except on Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holiday.
20 February 2023
Candidates who have completed the PutraENROLL and obtained the endorsement of all sections will start getting their matric number.

A notification of successful registration as a new student will be sent to the registered email address. All new students are advised to refer to all documents in the notification email or PutraENROLL for further action after.
20 February  – 12 March 2023
Courses registration period.

New students can add courses as soon as they receive their matric number and successfully activate the UPMID. New students are also advised to contact their advisor and faculty/school/institute to discuss the study plan and class schedule for that semester.
10 March 2023
Deadline of late registration for by coursework new students.

There is no registration of new students for programme by coursework after this date except for those who will join the English programme at ELS.
To be confirmed later
Briefing for New Postgraduates Students

New students will be emailed the details of the briefing session.
27 February 2023
Teaching and learning commence.

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Note: All dates are subject to change from time to time.

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