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SGS’s EKSA Benchmarking Visit to the Sultan Abdul Samad Library (PSAS) UPM

August 28th 2023, Serdang - The Conducive Public Sector Ecosystem Committee (JK EKSA) of the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) conducted a benchmarking visit to the Sultan Abdul Samad Library (PSAS) UPM as part of their efforts to enhance knowledge related to EKSA practices in other departments. The visit, led by Ms. Norhasliza Hassan, Deputy Registrar of SGS, was attended by 12 members of the JK EKSA SGS committee.

The presence of SGS was warmly welcomed by all ARC UPM staff, led by the deapartment’s EKSA Coordinator. During the visit, the committee was presented with a list of unique activities and practices routinely carried out at PSAS to promote EKSA. These activities included zone-based activities, regular internal audits, and efforts to minimize the use of recyclable materials in maintaining the department's corporate image. Various valuable inputs were shared with the EKSA Coordinator of PSAS, where the monitored area is quite extensive, consisting of zones with diverse service functions.

Through this visit, it is important to understand that the importance of EKSA lies in maintaining a conducive work environment and providing a comfortable space for PTJ customers to transact. Following the presentation, the JK EKSA SGS committee toured the office areas, zones, and counters at PSAS. Questions regarding EKSA practices at each location provided new perspectives to the attending SGS members.

The visit concluded with a brief reception, the exchange of souvenirs, and group photos with the PSAS EKSA Committee.

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