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The First Meeting of SGS Club Committee for The 2023/2025 Session

January 8th, 2023, Serdang – The first meeting by the newly elected School of Graduate Studies (SGS) Club Committee for the 2023/2025 session, was held on the 8th of January 2023 (Friday). It discussed mainly about the possible activities/plans throughout 2023. The elected members were collectively appointed based on the votes by all the SGS staffs.

The committee is being led by Ms. Nadjla Ahmad Razei, as the President. There are five (5) main units in the club namely, Core Committee, Welfare & Ceremonies, Sports & Recreations, Entrepreneurship & Green Sustainability and Publicity & Archives.

During the meeting, the President has emphasized on the importance of the Club’s objective which is to celebrate and assist staffs in terms of achievements and welfare. Apart from that, the activities being planned, should be able to strengthen the bond among the staff in order to ensure the idea a smooth workplace communication, takes place.

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