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YES2Malaysia - The Biggest Education Malaysia Fusion Expo in Jeddah

Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) has participated in the Yes2Malaysia-The Biggest Education Malaysia Fusion Expo organized by REXPO, Education Malaysia Global Assist and supported by Education Malaysia which starts on 12th May until 18th May 2022 in Consulate General of Malaysia, Jeddah and EMGA REXPO Jeddah Office.

UPM was represented by officers from the School of Graduate Studies and Division of Admission and Division of Academic Governance, Mrs. Rahmawati Umar and Mrs. Norliya Yahya.

The expo features more than 16 exhibitors representing top Malaysian Universities including UPM and Foreign Branch Campuses. Several activities were carried out during the exhibition, including briefing sessions with potential students and sponsors from various agencies.

Visitors are able to obtain various information on financing, scholarships, admission and other related information by asking directly to the representative of each university and colleges.  The top three courses rated by students in Jeddah, Arab Saudi offered by UPM are in business, health sciences and information technology.

UPM booth was visited by almost 100 visitors in a time with the majority of school leavers, parents, teachers, university students, working adults, members of the industry and the general public seeking higher education opportunities.





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