A mobility programme involves the exchange of a student in or outside the country. The SMP includes international and local mobility where students may wish to embark on the semester  exchange or research attachment as well as a study visit to another university/institution. Generally, there are two types of mobility namely Inbound Mobility and Outbound Mobility in which can be categorized as below:

 Inbound and Outbound Mobility Programme
With Credit Transfer
Non-Credit Transfer
Semester Exchange
Short Term Programme / Field Work / Study Visit
Internship Programme
Research Attachment


A.   Inbound Mobility

Universiti Putra Malaysia’s Inbound Mobility Programme is open to local and international postgraduate students from other universities/research institutes to undergo a semester exchange (to register in any graduate courses) or research attachment (to conduct part of their research in UPM) either physically or virtually. The programme is a non-graduating programme. Nonetheless, all postgraduate students intending to join the programme must register with UPM.

How to apply for this programme?

To apply for inbound mobility programme, kindly apply through the student portal at and choose Non-Graduating as Programme Title and Field of Study.

How much is the programme fee?

  1. UPM will charge a nominal fee of RM725.00 per semester. For the Inbound Research Attachment programme, the respective faculty/institute may charge additional bench fees and an exchange student may also be charged credit fees. Please refer to the respective faculty/institute for further details.

  2. A student who is enrolled at a member or associate member of the Southeast Asia Consortium of Graduate Schools (as listed below) may cross-enroll with the University at his/her own expense. No bench or credit fees shall be charged by the UPM if such a student is already paying fees at his/her home university. However, the student is required to pay a nominal fee of RM725.00 per semester to the University.

    Member Universities
    Associate Member Universities:
    • Institut Pertanian Bogor, Indonesia
    • Kasetsart University, Thailand
    • Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia
    • University of the Philippines Los Baños, the Philippines
    • Tokyo University of Agriculture, Japan
    • University of British Columbia, Canada
    • University of Gottingen, German
    • University of Queensland, Australia

         Note: No fees will be charged for short visit.


B.   Outbound Mobility

Universiti Putra Malaysia’s Outbound Mobility Programme is open for existing local and international postgraduate students to have the opportunity in enhancing their study experience at other reputable universities overseas. The programme is specifically geared to enable postgraduate students in acquiring relevant research skills as well as academic knowledge within an international research / academic culture. The experience is intended to build professional networks and become successful global professionals in their chosen careers and fields of expertise. These scholars are known as outbound scholars.

How to apply for this programme?

  • Postgraduate students who will be going for their outbound mobility programme are required to get an approval to study abroad from the Putra International Centre (iPUTRA) prior to their departure. Applicants are required to submit the application forms and the supporting documents at least 3 months before the programme commencement. The application shall be submitted to the Mobility Section at (kindly copy your application to

  • Please visit for detailed information on the application procedures and checklist for outbound mobility.

  • Upon submission, the application will be brought to the Mobility Committee Meeting, chaired by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and International) and joined by representatives from other PTJ in UPM. The meeting will be held once a month, (according to the availability of the mobility committee members) and the completed application form needs to be submitted to iPUTRA by 15 every month for it to be processed. Any applications received at a later date will be brought to the next scheduled meeting.

  • Incomplete application forms will not be processed. Please ensure the forms and the supporting documents are prepared according to the checklist.


Financial Assistance for Outbound Mobility Programme

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