How do I pay for my processing fee?

Any payment outside Malaysia can be made either using Telegraph Transfer or Credit Card. For further information on tuition fees, please go to

Why should I choose UPM as a place to further my graduate studies?

UPM provides education of the highest quality and a vibrant environment for learning that ensures development at the cognitive, technical and affective levels, placing special attention to enhancement of soft skills or generic student attributes. The management and administration of graduate studies are certified by the MS ISO9001. The quality graduate education offered by UPM is reflected by the presence of more than 3,000 international students from more than 60 countries and they constitute more than 30 percent of the total postgraduate enrolment.

How do I apply for a postgraduate programme at UPM?

Application for postgraduate programme at UPM is via online at Prior to application for admission, prospective student is strongly advised to visit the website of School of Graduate Studies for more information at

When can I submit my application for admission to UPM?

Application for admission is open throughout the year and UPM offers 2 intakes per year i.e. September (First Semester) and February (Second Semester). If you miss the closing date of application for admission into a semester, your application for admission is automatically transferred to the following semester.

What is the minimum academic admission requirement for Master’s or PhD programme in UPM?

Generally, UPM requires a CGPA of 3.00/4.00. However, admission into the programme is also subject to requirements specified by the faculty / institute (refer to the faculty’s / institute’s website)

I am in my final semester of undergraduate programme. Can I apply for admission for postgraduate study at UPM?

Yes. A final year student of undergraduate programme can apply provided his current CGPA meets the programme admission requirement.

How do I find a research supervisor for my study programme?

You can identify a potential research supervisor from the faculty’s or SGS’s website. There is a ‘List of Experts’ listed under each fields of study offered by the Faculty / Institute. If you are not able to identify a research supervisor, the faculty will assign one for you.

Can a Masters student convert his study programme to PhD?

A Master's student who excels in his study can apply for a conversion to PhD programme after 2 semesters.

When can I get my semester result?

You may view your grades at your student portal after all courses being given grades, or two (2) weeks after the final examination of the courses. In the case where your marks/grades have not been keyed in within two (2) weeks after the final examination of the courses, you will be given grade as an N.

I am at the fifth semester of my study, is there any chance of postponing the Comprehensive Examination for PhD students?

Application to postpone the Comprehensive Examination must be made in writting.You must state your reason clearly, and the letter must be supported by your supervisor.All supporting documents must be attached.The letter is to be sent to Dean, School of Graduate Studies through the Faculty's/Institute's Graduate Studies Coordinator.

I want to apply for Review of Grade / Review Against Termination? What is the step to be followed?

First, you have to fill up the application form for Review of Grade (PU/S/BR04/GS-13a) (manual form) or Review Against Termination (PU/S/BR04/GS-13b) (online). Then, pay the processing fee (RM50 per course or per review) at the Bursar Counter, Ground Floor, Administration Building, UPM Serdang or online using CIMBClicks. Receipt of payment must be attached to your form for your application to be processed.

When can I get my letter of Award of Degree?

You may collect the letter after seven (7) working days from the date of the University Senate's endorsement. You must ensure that you have submitted the student Particulars for Graduation (PU/S/BR04/GS-17) form to the School of Graduate Studies. Only those who have settled their fee, and have returned all books to the Library (Perpustakaan Sultan Abdul Samad) will be given the Letter.

Where can I get information regarding Convocation?

We will upload the information in our website once the date and other details are received. We will also sent the invitation letter (mail and e-mail) to all listed graduands after the details have been finalised (usually it is about a month before the ceremony).

My name is listed for this year Convocation but can I postpone it to the next year Convocation?

You may apply for postponement by writing to the Head of Academic Division, 1st Floor, Administration Building, Universiti Putra Malaysia, 43400 UPM, Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia.

Can I join the Convocation after collecting of the degree certificate?

Yes you can. All you need to do is return the degree certificate when you collect the academic regalia for the Convocation.

I misplaced my degree certificate, can I get a new one?

No, you cannot get a new one. It is the policy of the University. School of Graduate Studies can only issue a certification letter of your graduation.

I need extra copies of the Academic Transcript. How to go about it?

Write a letter or e-mail to Assistant Registrar of the Academic Record and Graduation Unit stating the no. of copies required. The application must be accompanied by a receipt of processing fee. The amount to be paid is RM5.00 per copy.

I am graduated from UPM (registered with School of Graduate Studies). Can I request for my Academic Transcript to be sent to the other university?

Yes you can. You just need to pay the processing fee in the amount of USD60 (in the form of Telegraph Transfer, account no. 1215-0005004-05-0) and send us the receipt of payment together with your request letter stating complete mailing address of the university.

Do you offer scholarships or academic assistantships?

UPM, being a Research University, awards assistantship to all qualified Malaysian candidates, especially those who register for their PhD degree. A limited number of assistantships is also awarded to academically excellent international students on a competitive basis. The assistantships usually covers tuition fee and a monthly stipend for up to six semesters depending on the study programme. For further information on financial assistance & scholarships, please go to

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