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Strategi Menangani Tekanan Sebagai Pelajar Universiti

The university level can be very challenging for students if they are not able to handle the pressure well. Generally, the level of stress experienced by students increases as the examination and assessment season approaches. Students with stress can push them towards positive or negative. In other words, if a student can respond to the stress caused by the future assessment from a positive angle, he or she will strive to study more diligently. However, if the student is unable to manage the stress, it can lead to unwanted things like stress, panic attacks, extreme anxiety and so on. Especially at the graduate level where most of the students are already working and at the same time are studying at the master's or PhD level.

Therefore, here are some ways to manage stress at university level:


Practice a healthy lifestyle. There have been studies done where, most people with stress will tend to eat too much and be happy afterwards. However, other side effects are that he may develop a variety of diseases that will surely cause health problems. Therefore, eat healthy and balanced foods. Exercise at least 2 times a week. No need to do strenuous activities, get on a jog, ride a bike or walk in the park. If you have fatigue and stress while completing your study, take a break and do a light workout and have a healthy snack such as fruit.


Being away when you are in a state of stress is not the right way. You need to find someone to express your feelings or share their story with. Perhaps, if you meet someone you trust and share with them you may feel reassured to consider the best solution. If you have no close contacts, talk to your supervisor for help. Certainly, more experienced people can help you through the stresses you experience. Most universities also have student counseling services. So that is also an option for you to share with them.


Maintaining a sleep routines to keep your mental health awake and manage stress well. Sleep is a great way to relax physically and mentally after a heavy daily routine. Stress can interfere with one's sleep patterns. So, before bed, make sure you take a few minutes to calm down and take care of yourself like bathing and praying before bed. A well-rested body will feel refreshed to start any work the next day.


Short breaks between working or completing assignments can reduce your stress. How about, go on vacation for the weekends by doing activities you love to keep your life balanced and vibrant. Adequate rest ensures quality work.


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