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Lushy Green for The Eyes 2022 Initiative

7th October 2022, Serdang – Actions taken to preserve at the work place is crucial in ensuring green sustainability as well as creating a conducive environment for task accomplishments by the department.

The School of Graduate Studies (SGS) with the help of Putra Agriculture Centre (PPP) has carried out a tree planting initiative on the bare land, in front of the SGS building. This initiative was kick-started with identifying the type of soil the land bears and the suitable type of tree/plant that can be planted on it. Expert assistance from the PPP agriculture officers in terms of consultation and site visits, has eased the process.

The tree (Bucida) planting activity took place as early as 9 am with the involvement of all the SGS’s staffs. Every unit was assigned with one sapling, with a total of six (6) units, which were placed in one (1) on the land. Apart from only planting those saplings and making the environment looks green, this initiative requires every unit’s members to have continuous efforts in taking care of the plant. Simple activities like this can strengthen the bond among the staffs meanwhile achieving the main objective towards green sustainability.


Date of Input: 08/10/2022 | Updated: 03/11/2022 | aslamiah


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