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4 Benefits of Leisure and Recreation for Your Everyday Health


The number of leisure and recreation activities among outdoor enthusiasts has definitely snowballed in recent years, and from the relatively subtle, well-established pursuits like walking and cycling, there has been significant growth in activities that demand a more physical and vigorous approach.While walking and other low-level recreational activities remain very high on an outdoor enthusiasts list, people have begun to perhaps lean toward a range of more vigorous physical activities like adventure sports and more extreme pursuits, to achieve their outdoor fix.

Ideally, for those of us who choose to incorporate physical activity into our lives, through different types of leisure and recreation activities, it is not only an ideal way to fit more exercise into your daily schedule, but it also goes a long way to further address your overall fitness levels and the state of your mental well-being.


Our personal Mental well-being is an essential part of our overall health and can it can impact your physical well-being and whole lifestyle. 

In today's demanding world, there has been a well-documented rise in cases of mental illness, especially among men, but also a rapid increase in people 'stepping on the bandwagon' and using this hot topic as an excuse or means of seeking further affirmation, within their own lives.

By participating in a wide and varied range of leisure and recreation activities, it is clear it can also help an individual to manage stress levels and help to reduce or slow down the onset of depression.

Leisure pursuits provide you with the opportunity to find balance in your life; it also allows you to take control of how you spend your time and help you to regulate the challenging demands of what life can throw at you. Which is an important consideration, as we all feel overwhelmed at times, due to the increased obligations set out through the demands of work and life.

Taking part in leisure activities as a family is also very beneficial for your children to see. Mainly due to the positive approach clearly set out by continually modelling good practice on ways to handle day to day stress and a range of emotional strategies explaining how to deal with them.

Participating in leisure activities significantly reduces depression by helping to increase your positive mood and moderate the balance in life. Naturally, our bodies need sunlight, fresh air and regular exercise, which in turn leads us to establish positive thoughts and an overwhelming happy outlook on life.


Striking a positive balance and regulating the quality of your life is another important reason why leisure and recreation can help to enhance your overall quality of life. Physical recreation and sporting pursuits, in particular, is generally associated with improved levels of self-esteem, allowing us to feel good at whatever we undertake.

Also, you are far more likely to feel satisfied with your life and the overall direction it is taking, when you regularly take part in active pursuits.

Various studies show that being satisfied with your health and fitness has positive implications with your life and in contrast, individuals who don't take part in such activities are reported to not being satisfied with their levels of health, fitness and self-esteem.


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