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Ensuring an All-Time Workplace Motivation

SERDANG, April 1st, 2022 – Stress management is one of the important elements in ensuring the work quality of an organization. There, the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) has been actively organizing a series of sharing/activities focused on providing awareness regarding personal stress management. Pemantapan Sahsiah Pekerja: Syoknya Bekerja! with Mrs. Rafidah Sarafudin, Psychology Officer from the UPM Training Hospital (HPUPM), became an interactive and informative session for those who have attended. A total of 35 SGS staff attended the online sharing session. Several interesting agendas were carried out through the programme such as question and answer (Q&A) and quizzes on basic personal stress management knowledge. It was hoped that SGS members could maintain good mental health to ensure their motivation level is optimum enough to work and provide the best services to the students.

Date of Input: 28/04/2022 | Updated: 08/06/2022 | aslamiah


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