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The 21 Benefits of Technology in Education

The advantages of using technology in education are multifaceted. It is a blessing for everyone in the sector, from education providers and schools to students. The use of technology in education made learning easier and fun-filled for the students! Educational institutions and teachers are using devices, AI-based tools, and AR/VR technologies to engage them in an immersive learning experience. The students find more interest in learning lessons and doing homework. This surely improves their academic performance and grades.

In short, technology is consistently changing the education system for good. While it is not at all replacing the traditional classroom methods of learning, it is blending with them to prepare students for situations in the technology-paced world.

There are infinite benefits of technology in education! In this blog, we have attempted to discuss some of the most important ones. Take a look:

1. Faster access to information 
One of the most substantial advantages of technology in education is that it provides students with an ocean of information at their fingertips. They can access the information in the quickest possible time.

If you are a student, then gone are the days when you have to go to libraries and search through piles of books to do an assignment/project/homework. Thanks to benefit of the internet for a student! You can now access valid information anytime from a vast number of sources, i.e., websites, tutorial sites, YouTube videos, eBooks, PDFs, and so on.

This is the first ever effect of technology on education that students experience with the advent of the World Wide Web. You can get unlimited information and data in just a few clicks on your laptops, tablets, or mobiles. This enables you to prepare a lesson or write a paper without anyone’s help. Thus, technology enriches your knowledge base and makes you a self-sufficient learner.

2. Wider variety of learning materials 
Students can access a huge variety of learning materials on the internet. They include scientific articles, journals, research papers, educational videos, tutorials/guidebooks, informational websites, online databases, and blogs of educators/authors.

These are extremely useful if you are a high school student. You can write academic papers better providing all concrete information, facts, and statistics. You can support an argument, establish a hypothesis, or derive a proper conclusion for your paper by accessing the available information.

Technology helps you to enhance your academic grades without doing too much hard work. You do not have to spend hours in the school library, borrow books/resources from ex-students, or repeatedly bother the teachers. You can write well a paper by yourself while putting all the authentic information and assure a good score.

3. Increases the scope for distance learning 
A great benefit of the internet for students is the opportunity for distance learning. Online classes became a reality with the power of the internet! Students can learn in the same effective way through a virtual screen or chat room.

You can share documents, important resource links, and media files during the online session with others students.

Schools and educators are complementing virtual learning sessions with traditional classes, which are enhancing the learning capabilities and skills of students. They take online classes outside the schools to provide additional tutoring to students, especially the weaker ones. Moreover, if you are interested in a subject or field that is outside your school curriculum like Data Analytics, you can take an online course to pursue your interest.

Also, many new educational institutes are coming up with only offering virtual courses for a spectrum of academic and professional subjects. Coursera, edX, and Udemy are some of the prominent providers of comprehensive virtual courses.

4. Eases teaching methods 
The benefits of EdTech also include an easy teaching experience. The teachers can tutor the students from distance or communicate easily outside the classroom. This enhances their ability to give instructions, improve the learning of students, and help them get better academic scores.

Moreover, technology integration in education resulted in mobile/desktop applications that are helpful as digital attention coaches for students! They helped teachers to organize the homework or tasks of students. They can simultaneously check the progress of tasks and remind or warn the students if they are late for a task.

Many schools or educators are using online tools today to keep an eye on their students and assist them in progressing academically. They can easily know whose grades are lower or who is slow in completing lessons. They can provide the necessary guidelines to them and help to gradually improve their academic performance.

5. Improves learners’ communication skills in schools 
This is one of the noteworthy benefits of technology in higher education. Learners in higher grades develop better abilities to communicate with various technological tools and virtual courses.

Many students are reluctant to speak with the teachers in class or front of others. However, their inhibition or introversion goes away during online sessions or classes. They can interact freely through chat, audio, or video call, during their independent screen time.

Communication skills are crucial for students to do well in academics and the professional field in the future. If you have better communication abilities, you can clearly express your opinions and take part in constructive discussions.

You can share your understanding with educators and know what’s on their minds. Hence, you can garner more knowledge and use them effectively to improve your academic performance.

6. Makes studying enjoyable 
It is difficult to make young children sit in one place and learn. They easily get distracted. Similarly, elder students find it tough to keep up their focus and complete large papers or assignments. All in all, education is not a pleasant experience for all students. But, with technology, it is now an enjoyable experience for all.

The use of tablets, laptops, VR/AR devices, and touchscreen boards makes classes exciting for students. Teachers could easily keep up the attention of kids. Similarly, these advanced technologies help students of higher classes to understand complex concepts and science through immersive sessions.

Thus, one of the notable benefits of using technology in education is that it makes learning fun for students. Teachers could see the interest of students grow, which is reflected in their better academic marks.

7. Helps learners to acquire new skills and knowledge 
The use of technology in education also helps learners to gain new skills and enrich their knowledge base. Internet and online courses made that possible! Enthusiastic learners can search through a plethora of information sources online to know about a particular topic. It will help them use their additional knowledge to prepare academic lessons and surpass the scores of others.

EdTech is also helping aspiring young talents to garner professional skills that will help them in the future to grow. Most professional skills or subjects are not included in the academic syllabus such as Business Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Science, and Digital Marketing. You can do an online course for any particular skill outside your school hours. It will let you gain a thorough understanding of the subject and groom yourself for a preferred career/professional field.

8. Keeps students updated with the latest technological advancements 
One of the supreme benefits of digital learning for students is that it helps them stay updated on the latest technological evolutions. You can quickly adopt them and further enhance your learning experiences.

New tools like digital task planners, virtual classrooms, and eLearning apps are gaining prominence in the market. If you are aware of the trends of EdTech, you can use these tools to your advantage and make progress academically.

Students who update themselves with technological evolutions in education are more likely to be successful in their jobs. By utilizing their knowledge of the latest technologies and trends, they can help organizations to operate efficiently and achieve goals faster.

9. Allows students to enhance their mental wellbeing 
One of the significant benefits of digital technology in education is that it improves the physical and mental well-being of students. Various digital tools eased their tedious learning courses and made them interesting.

In many ways, EdTech methods improve your cognitive skills. Virtual learning sessions and the integration of AR are two prime contributors. They enhance the capabilities of your brain to read, interpret, learn, remember, think, and use logic. All these hugely impact your academic learning and performance in the long run.

As you can score good grades/marks due to the use of educational technology, it gives you confidence and a positive feeling. This boosts your mental health and helps you to concentrate better on your studies.

10. Makes teaching easier and more productive 
The advantages of EdTech are not only confined to the learning experience of students but also the teaching experience of educators. The different uses of technology, such as audio-visual presentations, virtual classrooms, wide-screen projectors, and digital planners help teachers to improve their delivery of instructions. This consequently enhanced the understanding and comprehension level of the students.

Besides, technologies increase the productivity of teachers! The digital tools they use not only increase the engagement of students but also provide them with more learning opportunities. Many teachers can also tailor-made their instruction method and use personalized tools for weaker students.

Altogether, educational technology helped teachers to increase their productivity, which benefitted both the students and schools.


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