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The Journey of Life

"...Man has a long journey of examination which passes from the world of spirits to the mother's womb; from the childhood to old age; from the world to the grave and to the resurrection..." "Life's capital is very little and the work to be done is much. " (Risale-i Nur Collection, Bediuzzaman Said Nursi)

These meaningful phrases inspired me particularly in making decisions concerning my life both for this world and hereafter. Surely, becoming a student in this prestigious and respected university; UPM is a great blessing from Almighty Allah to me. Therefore I am always thankful and grateful to His graciousness for bestowing this opportunity.

Indeed, seeking Divine pleasure in actions is the primary rule of Islam. As a believer, implementations must be towards the next world. Yes, the purpose of sending man to this world and the wisdom implicit in it; consists of recognizing the Creator of all beings, believing in Him and worshipping Him.

Therefore, I personally was searching a place to pursue my tertiary education in this condition. There were different occurrences and reasons that encouraged me to make a move for studying abroad, and coming to UPM. One of the most obvious factors is famous eminent scholar Bediuzzaman Said Nursi and his commentary on the Holy Qur' an; namely known Risale-i Nur Collection,.

This collection fascinates and strongly impresses me while reading it. Bediuzzaman Said Nursi emphases in the Risale-i Nur Collection, on the truths of belief; the Divine Names and attributes and the Devine activities in the universe; the Divine existence and Unity; resurrection; Prophethood; Divince Determining or destiny, and man’s duties of worship.

Particularly, to him, the ignorance is the root cause of sicknesses afflicting the Islamic work like backwardness, poverty, and conflict. The future sovereignty of nation would not lie in sword, but in science. And again Bediuzzaman mentions that "the barriers between religious and modern sciences must be broken down and way of a remedy modern science be taught in the Islamic schools in place of obsolete ancient philosophy and religious science be taught fully in secular schools". He also elucidated the saying "If the students are taught in this method, those in the secular schools will be saved from being without religion, while those in the religious schools will be saved from prejudice”.

Yes, I sincerely declare that Malaysia is an apparent example for Bediuzzaman’s concept. Its education system should be a model for other countries from the aspect of religion, language and culture. I myself witnessed the followers of different religions with their different cultural standards and different languages are living together in unity and harmony. Because the integration of youth starts and will be successful only through youth education period. On account of this, I have seen Malaysian Universities especially my University to be having harmonious atmosphere. This reality must be appreciated.

UPM has helped me to fathom the concept that, in order to develop self-integrity and honesty, one needs beautiful environment and healthy friendships. For that although my field study is in Doctorate of Mathematics I am in contact with many students around the world; people with different ideologies from different fields of study, living together, sharing and caring for on one another. All these are very important and assist us to remain firm in sense of honesty, morality and virtue as well.

Another thing that cannot be forgotten based on what I have experienced is the king of fruits -"The Durian" and other tropical fruits; additionally, there are some rare species of plants and animals, found only in this geographical location in Southeast Asa, it made this country a Paradise.

UPM granted me pleasant memories of various kinds. I feel honored to be student in this respected University. Studying here definitely broadens my horizon and made me realized more about cultural immersion and experiences at the same time. I strongly believe one of the biggest fortunes of my life is studying in UPM; because experiencing other cultures has a tendency to help understanding and deciding objectively about real life.

Undoubtedly, in this journey of life, I must admit UPM is an important and significant bridge which binds my past experiences into future works and plans. Obtaining new knowledge and various experiences here also made me more mature and readily adaptable to the situations requiring international interactions, communications and transactions.

In my first year of study in UPM, I heard a Malaysian proverb "Bangsa berilmu Bangsa Bertamadun" (which may be translated into: "Knowledgeable Nation shall only be Civilized Nation. "And I humbly acknowledge that UPM is one of the main influences for civilized country, Malaysia.

I myself invite friends to study in UPM in order to observe these beneficial and advantageous environments. You can gain new skills, valuable resource for your career and business life.

Finally, I would like to refer to the phrase that states "In regard to nature and abilities everything is tied to knowledge" and the UPM is a yery fertile place for the useful knowledge.


Faculty of Science PhD student

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