The School of Graduate Studies of UPM is now offering part-time mode graduate study programmes as an option for candidates in programme by research and programme by coursework who meet the requirements.

The following are the requirements of this mode:

1. Conversion of Study Mode from Full-time to Part-Time

a. Local students in full-time study programmes may apply to convert to the part-time mode if they have received an offer of employment (either in the public or private sector).
b. Candidates who are currently employed (whether in the public or private sector) may be considered for the part-time graduate study mode at UPM.
c. Applicants must furnish evidence of employment in the form of a letter or any other relevant documents.

2. Activities and Duration of Study

a. Like full-time students, students enrolled in the part-time mode are subject to the UPM Graduate Study Rules, except for matters to do with the duration of study.
b. The duration of study for Master’s students is from four (4) to eight (8) semesters. The duration of study for PhD students is from eight (8) to twelve (12) semesters.
c. Students are required to register a minimum of six (6) credits per semester.
d. The Research Proposal Seminar must be completed no later than the third semester. The PhD Comprehensive Examination must be carried out no later than the sixth semester.

3. Application

a. Application forms will be made available for interested applicants.
b. Conversion into this study mode is subject to the approval/consent of the supervisor/faculty.
c. A document or verification letter of employment should be attached and submitted with the endorsed form.


For assistance and/or any other inquiries, please email to –

Mr. Muhammad Akees Abu Mansor ( or
Prof. Ts. Dr. Zuriati Ahmad Zukarnain (
(Senate 573)

Click here to download the application form.



Updated:: 11/05/2023 [aslamiah]