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Cyber Security : Anonymous Malaysia


The National Security Council (EQS) has issued a warning message to all government agencies urging them to take proactive measures to prevent and minimize the impact of potential cyber-attacks.

MKN and it’s National Cyber ​​Security Agency (NACSA) said it takes the threat from Anonymous Malaysia seriously. MKN and NACSA are also working with the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) to coordinate and take the necessary measures to address the threat.

It added that the government is prioritizing the security of the country’s national information technology infrastructure, including critical systems, and has outlined measures to strengthen its IT systems, such as efforts to improve the skills and expertise of relevant officials.

Network security expert, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Prof Ts. Dr. Zuriati Ahmad Zulkarnain said, during this pandemic, the public is more vulnerable to the threat because many transactions are done online.

"The level of threat is different and occurs at all times. Some of those who make such threats are to test their experiences.”

"If you receive a message from a stranger, do not be fooled quickly and check first," she said.




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