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Financial Assistance & Scholarships Offered in UPM

Fellowships, scholarships, assistantships are usually available for postgraduate students wishing to study in Malaysia, depending either on availability within the institution and your academic qualifications. Additionally, a number of scholarships are available from other institutions and organisations, such as the Malaysian government.

The Financial Assistance Unit of the School of Graduate Studies is the first place you should turn to for information on the types of financial assistance available to graduate students. Part of the Academic And Financial Aid Unit is the best resource available to you because it handles directly the management and distribution of scholarships and fellowships to graduate students. Visit the SGS office or the web pages below, or contact us to obtain further information on financial assistance options available to you.

1. Scholarships/Travel Grant by UC/SEARCA

  • Southeast Asian University Consortium (UC) Faculty Travel Grant
  • Southeast Asian University Consortium (UC) Student Travel Grant
  • SEARCA Full Master's and PhD Scholarships


2. Scholarship/Financial Assistance UPM

  • Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA)
  • Graduate Research Fellowship (GRF)
  • International Graduate Student Scholarship (IGSS)
  • Putra Alumni Scholarship Scheme (PASS) - Local
  • Putra Alumni Scholarship Scheme (PASS) - International
  • Special Graduate Research Allowance Scheme (SGRA)
  • Financial Assistance to Attend International Presentation
  • Financial Assistance to Undertake Research Attachment Abroad
  • Biasiswa Khas Wartawan (BKW)


3. Other Scholarships

  • OWSD PhD Fellowships
  • PTPTN (Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional)
  • Erasmus Acceptance (gLINK Project)
  • Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships
  • Commonwealth Scholarship

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