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Success Story: Mohannad Saleh

Today, UPM is acknowledged as a multidisciplinary institution of higher learning which offers a comprehensive array of high-quality undergraduate and postgraduate programmes that are recognized worldwide. The dynamic shift in its positioning is due to its high commitment in effectively strategizing innovative practices in teaching & learning, research & innovation and professional services.

My experience as an international PhD student in UPM has given me a great change and a turning point in my life on several levels encompassing academically, culturally and professionally.

On the academic level, I have had the chance not only to gain valuable knowledge because of the quality of education I am receiving in UPM. It also includes the learning support programmes such as training workshops and seminars. All these have played a role in enhancing my academic skills and abilities towards research orientation.

On the cultural level, the study atmosphere and environment of UPM are amazing and enjoyable. It is an encouraging environment where I have met colleagues from different parts of the world who turned out to be my friends now. Such friendships and cross-cultural contacts have exposed me to diverse cultures. The exposure to such different cultures has helped me to understand their cultures and spread the culture of peace and tolerance.

I was elected as the President of UPM International student’s association (UPMISA) for the year of 2019/2021. This particular experience gave me the motivation to help all the international students. I thank all those who have made my experience a successful one and driven me to enhance my analytical, communication and leadership skills.

UPMISA went through tremendous successes and some setbacks but I am proud to say that our successes drowned the failures. It has been my great pleasure and privilege to lead this association and to serve the international students. I have met people from different cultures, religions and backgrounds; people who have taught me that our differences don’t matter whilst working towards the same goal and that is to bring UPM soaring upwards.

With love and regards to everyone in our beloved university.


Mohannad Saleh
PhD Student (Syrian)
Faculty of Engineering
Universiti Putra Malaysia

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