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Academic Writing Stints with Dr. Claire Aitchison (UNSW, Australia)

Dr. Claire Aitchison

Dr. Claire Aitchison from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Australia, is returning to UPM following her successful visit in February 2015. In this visit Claire is offering workshops in line with the requests of those participants who attended earlier in the year. Students in Putra Sarjana program said they wanted more workshops on publishing and organising their writing lives for successful outputs. Supervisors requested repeat workshops on supporting student writing.

This is Claire’s second visit to Malaysia and to UPM, and she is excited to be returning to work with students and staff from all faculties under the School of Graduate Studies.

Claire has been researching, publishing and supporting higher degree research students, early career researchers and academics for more than two decades. At the University of Western Sydney (1991-2013) and more recently, at UNSW and as a consultant in Australia and abroad, she has designed and taught researcher development programs including courses, workshops and writing retreats across most disciplinary fields. Her research interests include pedagogies for research education, and traditional and contemporary research writing and publication practices. She is a founding editor of the popular blog Doctoral Writing SIG

Some of Claire’s publications include: with Guerin (2014) Writing groups for doctoral education and beyond: Innovations in practice and theory. London: Routledge; with Kamler and Lee (2010) Publishing pedagogies for the doctorate and beyond; Guerin, Carter, & Aitchison (2015) Blogging as community of practice: Lessons for academic development? International Journal for Academic Development; Aitchison & Mowbray (2015 In Press)Doctoral writing markets: exploring the grey zone. (2016 In Press) In T. Bretag (Ed.), Handbook of academic integrity: Springer.

The workshops are (1) Publish or perish. Publishing know how: what, when and where, (2) Constructing a writing plan for the whole of candidature, (3) The practices and pitfalls of scholarly reviewing: reviewing best practice, (4) How to set up writing groups that develop productivity, skill and confidence, (5) Identifying and addressing writing problems early in candidature, and (6) Sustaining an argument in academic writing.

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