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Briefing on Postgraduate Programmes and Financial Assistance

SERDANG, March 2022 – The Institutional Relations and Financial Aid Unit (PIBK) of School Graduate Studies (SGS) has taken the initiative to share the information on structured programmes and financial aids that are offered in SGS. This online effort has been carried out in a series of sessions throughout April 2022 with different groups of audiences. All the slots were focused on matters related to International Collaborative Programme (ICP), programme by industry, scholarships, and financial assistance.

A total of 40 participants attended the first slot that was conducted on 8th April 2022 for the Faculty of Food Science and Technology, and Faculty of Engineering. The participation was among postgraduate students, final year bachelor students, academic members, and related faculty officers.

The second session of this sharing was held on 15th April 2022 with the Faculty of Modern Languages and Communication, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology as well as the Faculty of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences. A total of s95 participants from the same composition have benefited from attending the session. 

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