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COVID-19 : January 25, 2021 , A Year After Malaysia’s First Case


January 25, 2021 - In the National CPRC Meeting chaired by the Honorable Minister of Health, Dato’ Sri Dr Adham Baba said it is a full one year of the Ministry of Health facing the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

The first case of COVID-19 in Malaysia involved three Chinese nationals who entered Malaysia via Johor from Singapore. Those involved in the first three positive COVID-19 cases in Malaysia are close family members of a 66-year-old man and his son from Wuhan, China, which has been recorded as the first two positive cases of the virus in Singapore. They were later treated at the Sungai Buloh Hospital. The Covid-19 team of Sungai Buloh Hospital, Selangor received recognition when it received the Global Health Award (GHA) 2020. Similarly, several other awards were received by the MOH in managing COVID-19.

These are all signs, the MOH has been on the right track in fighting this COVID-19 and managed to deal with the first and second waves of this virus last year.

Now, all Malaysians are facing the third wave of COVID-19 since the end of September, last year. Until today, all MOH staff are still committed, work without despair in facing this COVID-19 virus. Today, cases in Malaysia have reached a total of 183,801 cases, a total of 678 people have died and a total of 141,446 (77%) people have recovered from the virus.

Work continues as usual by all the top management of MOH and also the front line of MOH which is currently struggling in hospitals, PKRC, CAC and clinics throughout the country.

Virtual National CPRC meeting with all State Health Directors nationwide. The focus is on looking at strategies in addressing COVID-19 and strengthening the 213 COVID-19 Assessment Center, CAC nationwide.

Pray for all the front lines of the MOH will be given strength in facing this invisible enemy. Condolences to those who lost family members due to the COVID-19 virus. May God continue to protect our beloved country.



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