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Mural Briefing by Mr. Mohamad Indra Shahril Zainal

10th Feb 2022, Thursday – SGS EKSA Committee successfully organized a briefing session and discussion on the preparation of mural painting that plan to be held on 26th March 2022, SGS Gotong-Royong Mega. The briefing was delivered by Mr. Mohamad Indra Shahril Zainal from Faculty of Agriculture and attended by SGS EKSA Committee and SGS mural team. The main purpose of this mural painting is to brighten up the SPS building and give opportunity for students take pictures as a memory in SGS. During the briefing session, SGS staff involved were given a detailed description of mural painting and the aspects that need to be considered in mural painting such as theme, technique, color selection and medium to be used. The briefing was followed by a visit to the mural site and ended at 11.30am.




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