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Putra Sarjana Seminar : The Basic Research of Research

January 11th 2023, Serdang – The School of Graduate Studies (SGS) held a face-to-face seminar entitled The Basic of Research by Prof. Dr. Sharmili Vidyadaran at Raden Umar Auditorium, Faculty of Engineering. The two (2) hours seminar is a part of the Putra Sarjana seminar series, which emphasizes on various information, tips, and skills at its core. The encouraging response from students and participation from external universities has shown the importance of tackling major components in planning a research idea. This includes aspects such as choosing the right supervisor, planning the timeline for the study, enhancing one’s communication skills etc.

The minimalist speaker has shared her knowledge through a simple PowerPoint presentation, which captured the students’ attention more than usual. An active Q&A session took place proving the seminar was indeed an interactive and successful one. After a heated session of clarifications, the talk came to an end at 12.00 noon with the photography session. Attendees even had a one-to-one personal discussion with the guest speaker to understand the session even better.

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