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SGS’s Effort in Cleaning Its Yard in 2022

SERDANG, March 26th, 2022 – A conducive working environment is the general key factor towards staff’s motivation to strive. Taking the factor into consideration, the Public Sector Conducive Ecosystem (EKSA) committee of the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) has organized a mega gotong- royong (cleaning and upgrading efforts by a group of people/organization) activity during the weekend. The one-day event was filled with many beneficial agendas apart from the cleaning and rearranging duties of the SGS building itself. Aerobics, cleaning the records room, furniture arrangement/disposal, and mural paintings were successfully completed by the members of SGS that have attended the programme. The secretariat has ensured that safety and SOP aspects were prioritized throughout the execution of the event.




Date of Input: 28/03/2022 | Updated: 28/04/2022 | aslamiah


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