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Strengthening Community Collaborations - Lens of Knowledge 2.0 : Colors With Community

August 6 th 2022, Serdang – The development of a community is the responsibility of every individual that possesses the capacity to contribute; be it in the form of money, energy or time. The School of Graduate Studies (SGS) has joined hands with the Nilai State Legislative Assembly Office (ADUN), Miss MalaysiaIndian Care (MMICARE) Association, Doctors On Ground! and Pusat Pertanian Putra (PPP) UPM to organize a 3 days project with the Nilai community from 4th till 6th August 2022. This three (3) days project has carried out several main tasks in improving and beautifying two (2) public halls, both at Nilai town and Batang Benar, respectively. Main works such as cleaning, mural, basic health screening and tree planting were carried out throughout the programme.

YB Tuan Arul Kumar Jambunathan, the Nilai State Assembly Representative (ADU), has conveyed in his opening speech that he is looking forward to more such community based projects with SGS, in the future. He also emphasized on the importance of community values among students before they graduate from University. YB Tuan Arul Kumar, who is also an UPM alumni class 2011, has encouraged SGS’s idea to refurbish the two (2) public infrastructures that have been abandoned for long in the areas.

The communities from Nilai town and Batang Benar have also participated in the programme during the cleaning and painting processes. A total of 50 SGS members, 10 student representatives and approximately 50 community members took turn and got themselves involved throughout the programme.


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