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Strengthening Ukhwah Through Breaking Fast Ceremony

SERDANG, March 22nd 2022 – The joy of Ramadhan is best felt when it is shared. The School of Graduate Studies (SGS) has conducted an internal breaking fast ceremony for its staff and their family members. The event that started at 6 pm was attended by a total of 85 people; 38 staff and 47 family members. the flow started with a tazkirah and light bits to break their fast. The dinner was conducted after Maghrib prayers and continued with the Isyak prayers and tarawih. The event ended around 10 pm with a short photography session. The secretariat has ensured that all the activities were safe enough and abided by the enforcing SOP.

This simple event is one of SGS’s efforts in maintaining a good relationship among the staff of SGS whereby the get to get closer with each other in a subtle manner.





Date of Input: 28/04/2022 | Updated: 28/04/2022 | aslamiah


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