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The Basics of Infographics and Multimedia Workshop

January 13th, 2023, Serdang – The Basics of Infographics and Multimedia Workshop is an initiative by the Students Affairs and Media Unit in introducing the basic knowledge of producing promotional materials to the other staffs of the School of Graduate Studies (SGS). The focused objective of the workshop is to understand the usage of online applications that are much easier to be understood and accessed. Canva and PNGTree are among the applications that were used during the hands-on activity, during the workshop.

A total of 13 participants, across Units in SGS, were invited and attended the workshop. As the main graphic designer of SGS, Ms.Thuaibah has handled both the theoretical sharing and overall conduct of the workshop. The tutorial activity has overseen the participants’ skill in using Canva to produce a static poster, using the theories that they have learnt. The theme and details for the poster were provided to standardize the final product of the activity.

Each participant has presented his/her outcome at the end of the activity and explained the idea based on the infographic theory. Q & A session and explanations were carried out throughout the workshop. The workshop started at 9.30 am and finished around 12.30 noon at the Meeting Room 1 (BM1), SGS.

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