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The Pandemic is no Longer the Reason

SERDANG, March 16th, 2022 – Personal health and intelligence are no longer constrained by the movement orders or the Covid-19 virus as these are individual responsibilities of those that are aware of its importance. In accordance with the aspiration of the Vice-Chancellor of Universiti Putra Malaysia, YH. Prof. Dato’ Dr. Mohd Roslan Bin Sulaiman, in his narrative dated 11th February 2022, a healthy lifestyle should be one of the focused elements of the UPM campus community. In adopting the aspiration into practice, members of the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) have been actively involving themselves in a series of sports/ leisure activities every Wednesday, at 5.30 pm. This includes both indoor and outdoor activities, to cater to the comfort and capability of those who are participating. All the activities were conducted in adherence to the enforced SOP to ensure the safety of all the participating SGS members.



Date of Input: 28/03/2022 | Updated: 28/04/2022 | aslamiah


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