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Master of Land Resource Management

Sustainable land use concerns everyone because of the limited land resources for food production and the increased trend towards urbanization. Accelerated land degradation and limited water resources further aggravate the situation. As land belongs to the past, present and future generations, it is not only a useful and tradable commodity but also a valuable natural resource that must be conserved and protected for the common good of all. The courses offered in this programme include those related to soil, land, environment, law and urban planning.A technical trip which is designed based on the themes selected by the students for their mini thesis is a major attraction of the programme. This programme is suitable for professionals especially those working in land related fields but fresh graduates are also welcome.

Programme Coordinator

Dr. Roslan Ismail
Tel : +603-8947 4857
Fax: +603-8940 8316
Emel: roslanismaiol@agri.upm.edu.my

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 Master of Plantation Management

Master in Plantation Management is a professional postgraduate degree. The programme was first started in May 1998. This programme is the result of collaboration between UPM (Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Engineering) and the Incorporated Society of Planters (ISP). Each party is recognized for its expertise in its field: the farmer for agricultural education and research, and the latter for grooming individuals for the plantation industry. The combined talents of the two organizations ensure the high quality of the programme. Students who have been admitted to the programme included senior plantation managers, researchers, lecturers, lawyers and accountants. The programme is structured such that the students enrolled in the programme can continue working. The degree in earned through course work (as opposed to a research thesis).

Programme Coordinator

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hafidzi Mohd Noor
Tel: 603-9769 4844
Fax: 603-8938 1014
Email: hafidzi@upm.edu.my

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 Master in Tropical Soil Science

The soil in tropical areas such as Malaysia is highly weathered, has an imbalance of nutrients, and is often eroded due to high rainfall. Therefore, countries with tropical soil need highly skilled workforce in sustainable tropical soil management so that soil fertility can be protected, maintained, and improved to obtain high crop yields. The Master in Tropical Soil Science program is specifically designed with a focus on the chemical, biological, physical and fertility aspects of tropical soils as well as methods of conservation, survey, and classification of tropical soils. Emphasis is also given to the economic aspects of resources, precision agriculture and agricultural biotechnology. The goal of the Master in Tropical Soil Science program is to produce graduates with in-depth knowledge and high skills in the field of sustainable tropical soil science that emphasizes environmental, socio-cultural, and economic aspects, are efficient in tropical soil management and research, and highly skilled in using the principles of lifelong learning in one’s career development either in the public or private sectors.

Programme Coordinator

Dr. Muhammad Firdaus Sulaiman
Tel: 603-9769 4121
Email: muhdfirdaus@upm.edu.my




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