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Driving Innovation and Communication Strategy in Vuca Era Seminar

January 31st, 2023, Serdang – The School of Graduate Studies (SGS) in collaboration with two (2) students association namely, Postgraduate Association (PGA) and Persatuan Anak Indonesia, along with Universitas Indonesia has organized the Driving Innovation and Communication Strategy in VUCA Era seminar. It was a part of the Putra Sarjana series which acts as a learning support programme through the transfer of basic postgraduate-related knowledge. The seminar has specifically focused on postgraduates originated from Indonesia.

Among the invited guest speakers were the General Police of Indonesia, Senior Lecturer from Universitas Indonesia, representative of an Indonesian NGO, representative of Indonesian entrepreneurs, and Senioe Lecturer from UPM which have discussed the challenges faced by various sectors due to the widespread of Covid-19. The discussion has indirectly, opened up the opportunity for both students and the speakers to understand socioeconomic landscape of Indonesia in a collective way.

The interactive discussion that lasted for two (2) hours came to an end with a Q&A and photography session around 12.30 noon.

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