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Putra Sarjana Workshop Promotes Good Supervisory Practice


Speakers for workshop entitled Good Practice in Postgraduate Supervision

Serdang, 8 April 2014: Planning, preparation and adaptability are crucial in postgraduate supervision.  This was the main message conveyed in a special Putra Sarjana workshop organised by the School of Graduate Studies on 7-8 April 2014 at UPM.

The workshop, entitled “Good Practice in Postgraduate Supervision” was conducted by Professor Gina Wisker from the University of Brighton, UK, and Dr. Gillian Robinson from Anglia Ruskin University, UK.  Both speakers are very experienced practitioners and researchers in the area of postgraduate supervision management.

The workshop focused on aspects of the research journey for both the supervisor and the student, and highlighted the importance of inculcating good values and resolving issues in academic supervision. Consisting of four modules, the two-day workshop covered pertinent issues such as supervision preparation, strategies in handling students of varied educational backgrounds and cultures, publishing from your PhD, and developing creativity in research.

Professor Wisker and Dr Robinson also shared two concepts in the research journey, called “Threshold Concepts” and “Conceptual Threshold Crossings”.  These concepts are also described as “learning moments” or “learning leaps”. According to the speakers, in a research journey, there are times when the student will face a “brick wall”, before reaching “lightbulb moments” or moments when “things just clicked into place”.  It is the role of the supervisor to help guide and “nudge” the student into this direction.

The workshop attracted 200 participants from among academics and students of UPM as well as those from outside of UPM. The Dean of the School of Graduate Studies, Professor Dr. Bujang Kim Huat, said that such workshops are part of the School’s efforts to help improve the overall supervisory experience among supervisors and students.

“One of our main goals is to be a renowned centre of excellence for postgraduate supervision and research, both in Malaysia, and also internationally,” he explained.

The Putra Sarjana Programme is a series of seminars/workshops run by the School of Graduate Studies, UPM. For enquiries regarding upcoming Putra Sarjana events, please contact: Mr. Anuar Shah Bali Mahomed (Email: anuar@upm.edu.my; Tel: 03-8946 4105) or Mr. Mohd Fariq bin Ismail (Email: fariq@upm.edu.my: Tel: 03-8946 4229).

Professor Gina Wisker, explaining aspects of research supervision

Participants of the workshop listening attentively

Dr. Gill Robinson, presenting to an eager audience

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