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SGS’s Innovation and Website Towards HKIP 2022

October 2022, Serdang – The School of Graduate Studies (SGS) did not miss out the chance in being a part of the Services’ Quality and Innovation Day (HKIP) 2022, which gets more intense over the days till the closing on December 2022. Multiple audits and preoperational processes were made towards the final evaluation and the latest, SGS’s Innovation and Website team has made into the list.

The Gema-Techno@SGS team has qualified into the finals for the HKIP 2022 Innovation Competition this year. The Putra i-Read system that outlines the book borrowing processes among SGS’s staffs were developed by Mrs. Salwati. It has added an innovation-filled value in terms of improvement and enhancement of the current manual methods of borrowing books. The final presentation took place well at the Seminar Hall of the TNCPI Building on the 12th October 2022.

Apart from the, SGS’s website were evaluated online on the 14th October 2022. The Students’ Affairs and Media Unit, that leads the Website Committee of SGS, has took part in the technical evaluation by the Infocomm Development (iDEC). Regular inspections and maintenance on the website have been constantly carried out by the Students’ Affairs and Media Unit to ensure the relevance of the department’s website.



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