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The School of Graduate Studies's Emergency Action Training

10th November 2022, Serdang – As its annual safety routine, the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) in collaboration with the UPM Occupational Safety and Health Management Office (OSH) and the University Health Centre (PKU), has organised an Emergency Training. The preparation for this earthquake-based training were carried out since October 2022. Series of meetings among the SGS’s OSH Committee and with the UPM’s OSH officer have given multiple perspectives and inputs for the actual training.

A total of () staffs have participated in the activity that was conducted from 9.30 a.m till 10.15 a.m. The training was started with activating the fire alarm and evacuating the building within the allocated time range (5 minutes). It was followed up by headcounts, first aid treatment demonstration to victims and traffic control.

The invigilating officer from UPM’s OSH office was being positive on the procedures, steps and instructions that were carried by SGS’s OSH Committee out throughout the training.





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