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UPM Research Supervisor Support and Development Programme


Serdang, December 29 (UPM) – With the aim of developing a conducive research education environment that positions Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) as a research advanced, top leading university in Malaysia, the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) has organized the UPM Research Supervisor Support and Development Programme. The opening ceremony was held on November 20th 2014 and launched by Prof. Datuk Dr. Mad Nasir Shamsudin, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic & International) of UPM. Within the overarching philosophy of the University, the specific principles underlying the supervisor development include the respect for the professionalism of the staff and candidates, the recognition of global and national research in doctoral curriculum and pedagogy in ­­all programmes and the substantial interest in findings from rigorous evaluation and quality assurance of UPM.

Recognising the broad range of supervisory staff, including those new to research supervision, the University has a strong commitment to support all staff in preparing them for the important role of supervising candidates. Thus, with the best interest in mind, SGS has provided a solid platform for the betterment of the supervisory candidates with an extensive programme of workshops and seminars to assist supervisors in their practice. This programme includes the newly required two workshops for all new academic staff member wishing to chair a PhD supervisory panel; Introduction to Research Supervision and Preparing Your Student for Examination. These courses were conducted in November 2014 and will be available next February/Mac 2015. Apart from the new academic staff, UPM Research Supervisor Support and Development Programme will also conduct various courses for Senior Lecturers, Associate Professors and Professors such as Examining the Written Thesis and the Viva, Chairing the Viva at UPM and Selecting Examiners. All of the courses will be delivered by a UPM Visiting Professor, Prof. Margaret Kiley from Australian National University who has experience working in the Higher Education of Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia and the United Kingdom. Furthermore, she has presented workshops on research education and training in New Zealand, Canada and the United States of America.

A number of courses have been prepared for the year of 2015 under the same programme and will be conducted by dedicated, scholarly international speakers such as Prof. Geoffrey Cordell from University of Illinois, Chicago, Dr Claire Aitchison from University of Western Sydney and Dr. Vijay Mallan from University of Otago, New Zealand. They will be covering various aspects of supervision such as Supporting Students on Their Research Journey, Setting and monitoring milestones, Preparing Supervisors for Viva, Ethics Approval and Candidate and Supporting students with their writing. With this initiative, SGS offers great opportunities for career and self-development of both the supervisors and supervisors to be. Once again, UPM set out to improve the overall quality of research education towards becoming a pinnacle research university in Malaysia.

Prof. Datuk Dr. Mad Nasir Shamsudin, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic & International) is giving his opening ceremony speech

Dean School of Graduate Studies, Prof. Dr. Bujang Kim Huat is giving an explanation on guidelines in being a good supervisor during the Q & A session

Professor Margaret Kiley is sharing information on UPM Research Supervisor Support and Development Programme

Professor Margaret Kiley is conducting one of the workshop on supervision for new academic staffs

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