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Success Story: Nurul Afiqah

(Article contributed by Nurul Afiqah, graduated as a Master in Science student)

It has been Nurul Afiqah Zulkifly’s dream to pursue postgraduate studies upon the completion of her bachelor degree. She believes that UPM has provided an incredible experience in her postgraduate life. “UPM exposed me to a strong academic and research foundation. UPM academic culture and excellence will always be my inspiration for my future undertakings. Other than learning about research for my master’s study, UPM also taught me the importance of publishing research-based journal articles.” Attending classes such as Multicultural in HRD, Women Studies and Qualitative Research Method, UPM has expanded Afiqah’s research interests. “I was given an opportunity to work as a researcher at UPM. This immensely helps my postgraduate study.”

Afiqah also believes that she has garnered some characteristics of a novice researcher within her. “I am more meticulous, attentive to details, diligent and able to work independently without procrastinating her research tasks.” Afiqah realizes the importance of exposing herself to the international academic arena by attending international conferences. “I was given the opportunity to attend a prestigious conference in the United Kingdom in 2017. It is such an eye-opener. I am able to better develop my research ability beyond just getting a master’s degree and learn from others at the international forum.”

Afiqah fondly remembers the facilities provided by UPM. “A highly functional library, a very comprehensive set of research database and highly experienced academic staff who had helped me to overcome challenges in completing my thesis within the given duration.” She also notes that her main supervisor, Professor Dr. Maimunah Ismail is an enormous influence on her success. “Her accumulated experience and inspiring ideas are the major factors that shaped my research journey.”

Afiqah is now continuing her PhD in Human Resource Development (HRD) at the Faculty of Educational Studies, UPM. “The two-year experience at the university has inspired me in becoming a future academic. I am looking forward to continuing my doctoral journey and be part of the academic community at the university.” Afiqah hopes to become a renowned scholar in the area of HRD and to reciprocate what she has gained during her graduate expedition to future students.

Nurul Afiqah won the Book Prize MTDC in 2017.

“There is no better teacher than life. Try. Whether you fail or succeed, it will be an experience. Always be kind, for you will never know which one repays and most importantly, believe in yourself because only then, you will be unstoppable."

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