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Importance of Road Safety Awareness for Children

Children in their early years need assistance from adults for every smallest task that has a considerable risk associated with, such as using the roads. Children are unaware of detecting the presence of traffic or judging the speed and distance of vehicles or appropriate time to cross the road, despite some children being aware of the signals and zebra crossings.

As children grow and develop, they become increasingly aware of how they can be safe and manage their own safety while using the roads. It is our duty as parents, teachers, and caregivers, to educate our children about real traffic environments along with adult supervision to help them learn about roads, signals, traffic, risks involved and how they can use the roads safely.

Every child should grow up with the knowledge of road safety, as it is a subject of great importance in everybody’s life. The use of shared roads has a lot of dangers and possibilities of injuries which impacts everybody and is therefore a vital topic of discussion for everyone. While the common people face crashes, injuries and even death, among them the majority are youngsters these days, the risk is higher for children as they reach their teenage years. With newfound independence, young drivers or riders carry a substantial risk not only for themselves but also for other people using the roads, especially pedestrians and cyclists.

Young children have to be given activities, and should be taught about lessons on road safety as this awareness is needed for them more importantly than we may think. Young children are the most vulnerable users of the road and are the most lamentable victims in road accidents because of lack of awareness.

Therefore, educating children about safety measures to be taken while using the roads is a crucial task, as teaching our children road safety means ensuring the safety of the future generation. As an article published in The Hindu rightly stated that “A child who learns about traffic rules and road discipline will grow up to be a law-abiding citizen. The habit of obeying traffic rules teaches a person a sense of responsibility, empathy for others and respecting the other person’s rights”.

At Sherwood High, we believe that awareness starts at home and parents are the first teachers who guide their children through various road traffic rules and regulations before anyone else. So, in order to raise children who are prudently aware of basic safety habits, you need to teach and coach them in a manner that will make your children understand the importance of road safety as well as how to navigate in the roads safely. By teaching our children road safety awareness, we enable them to ensure their own safety without the support of adults or elders.



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