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Learning Support Programme – Putra Sarjana

Putra Sarjana is a learning support programme designed to develop a range of necessary skills that can apply in research activities and subsequent careers and academics or otherwise. Through Putra Sarjana programme, graduate students are able to hone their abilities to lead, communicate, think critically and problem solve and outline a number of ethical principles that need to be adhered by postgraduate students.

Putra Sarjana Programme Encompasses Four (4) Clusters Namely:

Academic Development

  • Exposure to postgraduate students related to academic writing (thesis, journal article etc.), research proposal writing, effective presentation skills, introduction to statistic, journal database / referencing technique / Turnitin.
  • Courses listed: How to be a Successful Researcher, Manuscript Writing and Publication, Grammar Points, Presentation Skills, The Viva Voce and

Professional Development

  • Exposure to postgraduate students related to leadership skills, teamwork, communication skills, negotiation skills, creative thinking, public speaking and the use of software applications for graduate research purposes.
  • Courses listed: Academic Careers, Introduction to Teaching, Effective Correspondence in English, Time Management, Getting the Job: Interviewee Skills and Resume Writing and

Ethics and Moral

  • Exposure to students related to ethical integrity interests in research
  • Courses listed: Academic Integrity, Avoiding Plagiarism, Intellectual Property Protection, Scientific Research Ethics and etc.

Community Linkages

  • Exposure to postgraduate students in developing human capital and generate competitive communities internationally.
  • Courses listed: Industrial Talk/Linkage, Career Talk, CEO Talk, Alumni Talk and etc.

Further information regarding courses listed In Putra Sarjana Programmes can be accessed at : https://sgs.upm.edu.my/putra_sarjana-2978.

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